Corpse Pose Eg Crossword Clue

By | May 11, 2022

Crossword puzzles are a fun way for people to spend some time. Whether they are just solving them on their own or competing against friends or family, crosswords are a great pastime. They provide the brain with an intellectual challenge that not only improves cognitive abilities but also increases vocabulary skills and general knowledge.

The crossword clues are organized in several easy-to-use categories based on the holidays, general knowledge, puzzles for kids, and many more. There is no need to worry about finding solutions to any of these puzzles because the Crossword is full of resources that will help you. You can consult find any type of puzzle query if you are having trouble deciphering any of the clues.

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Corpse Pose Eg Crossword Clue in 5 Words: ASANA

Find Corpse Pose Eg Crossword Clue is easy because we have million clues that fit your query and easy to find your solution in one click.

ASANACorpse Pose, e.g.
LIEDo the corpse pose
YOGISFollowers of a Hindu discipline which incorporates asanas such as uttanasana (standing forward bend), savasana (corpse pose) and bhujangasana (cobra) (5)
POSTUREPosition of the body, pose (7)
ASANASCat pose and crane pose, e.g.
FLEXIONBodybuilder’s pose, e.g.
WEARERFashion model, e.g.
POEMLay, e.g.
EXAMPLERole model, e.g.
DEMOShow a floor model, e.g.
TRADED UPSwitched to a pricier model, e.g.
WAIFVery thin model, e.g.
SET A GOOD EXAMPLEBe a role model, e.g.
POSECorpse, e.g., in yoga
TIM“Corpse Bride” director Burton
HED“___ make a lovely corpse” (Dickens)

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