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By | October 31, 2021

The Times crossword puzzle is a British daily cryptic crossword popularised by its inclusion in the London newspaper The Times and inspired by similarly themed puzzles published in The New York Tribune since 1925. It is also one of the most widely distributed crosswords globally today.

The first crossword puzzle ever to appear in a nationally distributed newspaper was “Word-Cross”, which ran in the New York Sunday World on November 10, 1924. Will Weng, who was then the puzzles editor at the “New York Tribune”, had been approached by Walter Murphy, the editor of the Sunday supplement, with an idea for a new feature that would attract more readers to his section on Sundays; he wanted something like a combination of code and chess problems and believed.

In our website you will find all Mirror Quiz Crossword October 31 2021 Answers. Mirror Quiz is one the many crosswords that are released daily which have different clues. Each day The Mirror releases 3 more crosswords which are Classic, Cryptic and Quick.


  • 1961 novel by Iris Murdoch


  • Principal area in SE Wales that includes the towns of Pontypool and Cwmbran


  • Marked ski run down a mountain


  • — Cup, women’s world team championship in badminton


  • 2008 action film starring James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman


  • Juan —, president of Argentina from 1946-55


  • Sonny —, 1962-64 World Heavyweight boxing champion


  • A —, Yorkshire cricketer; 2014 PCA Player of the Year


  • Isabel —, author of novels Rescuing Rose and The Very Picture of You


  • Small loudspeaker designed to reproduce high-pitched sounds in a hi-fi system


  • London-born satirical caricaturist and illustrator who died in 1815



  • 1993 film drama starring Jeff Bridges and Isabella Rossellini


  • Edgar —, painter and sculptor whose works include 1877’s Dancers Practicing at the Barre


  • Jules —, French author of 1873 novel Around the World in Eighty Days


  • Graham —, member of the Monty Python comedy team who died in 1989


  • The —, English horse race for fillies held at Epsom since 1779


  • Actor who played Capt Mainwaring in BBC TV sitcom Dad’s Army


  • Winner of the 1997 World Snooker Championship


  • Standard monetary unit of Japan


  • Large metal Chinese cooking pot


  • 1995 animated film featuring the characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear


  • Deep-bodied fish such as the Atlantic —


  • Council region of South Island, New Zealand founded by Scottish settlers


  • Sean —, hat-trick scorer for Great Britain in the 1988 Olympic hockey semi-finals


  • The —, 1991 novel by Stephen Fry


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The crossword-puzzle fad that followed eventually led to the creation of many similar puzzles in other newspapers, including some with distinctly different rules from the “New York Times”.

By 1930, Weng felt that the puzzle was growing stale. He wanted to shake things up a bit by adding an entire new level of challenge on top of what had been there before.

Weng called upon his friend Margaret Farrar (1904–1974) to help him edit and construct a brand-new cryptic crossword which would appear for the first time on Sunday January 2, 1932. The puzzle required entrants not only to fill in standard synonym squares but also to answer clues which required them to solve a second level.

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